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Do veneers cause damage or ruin your teeth?

Dentists are commonly asked if veneers can ruin teeth. Veneers are ceramic shells that are shaped like teeth and cemented over the regular teeth to improve appearance. Veneers alter the shade, size, and shape of teeth. The best thing is that the veneers are not designed to ruin teeth in any way. Instead, these porcelain pieces attached to the front surface of the teeth do the exact opposite.

Having dental veneers can do an excellent job of improving the aesthetic of discolored teeth. Whether the teeth are stained due to excessive fluoride, medications, coffee consumption, or anything else veneers will cover the discoloration. Veneers can also conceal portions of teeth worn due to erosion, chipping, grinding, and breaks. Veneers can successfully conceal damage to teeth as long as it is within reason.

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