Cosmetic Dentistry

In today’s world, confidence is everything, and nothing gives you more confidence than a beautiful smile! After all, it is one of the first features that people notice when they meet you.

When you’re not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, it’s always on your mind and you may tend to hide your smile in photos, or when talking to others. If your teeth are not making the right first impression, the good news is that cosmetic dentistry can help, and you have a lot of options.

At Davis Family Dentistry, Dr. Kurtis and Dr. Joanne are highly skilled and experienced in the field of cosmetic dentistry. If you’re considering changes to the appearance of your smile, a good place to start is a consultation with one of our doctors. We’ll find out what YOU envision for your smile, and then we’ll make treatment recommendations that are appropriate for your needs.

Our goal is to help you get your smile to where you’d like it to be, and you might be surprised to find out that you have different options to choose from to do this!

Teeth Whitening

Sometimes your teeth just need a quick boost. Whitening can make a huge impact on your smile.

Davis Family Dentistry offers two convenient options for teeth whitening including in-office treatment for patients who needs quick results and take-home trays for patients who want the freedom to whiten based on their own schedule and update whenever they like. Whitening might also be the finishing touch to a more comprehensive smile makeover.

Tooth-Colored Restorations

Gone are the days of unsightly gray metal restorations! Today’s restorations are much more esthetically appealing yet also durable and reliable.

Composite resin is the material we use for dental fillings and bonding. It’s pliable, easy to work with, and customizable to match your teeth. Because it’s bonded directly to your tooth, it’s also very durable and adds strength and longevity to your tooth.

You also won’t find metal in your dental crowns these days. We use high-quality porcelain that offers you the same function you enjoy with your natural tooth. We can custom shade your tooth so it complements your smile, and our CEREC technology allows us to complete your restoration during one appointment here at our office, rather than 2 to 4 weeks like the crowns of the past required.

Porcelain Veneers

Comprised of a thin layer of porcelain, a dental veneer is designed to fit over your tooth structure. It’s customized to either match your teeth or enhance your smile, depending on how many teeth we’re restoring. Veneers are durable and stain resistant, so you won’t have to worry about discoloration.

If you’re dreaming of a Hollywood smile, veneers are an ideal option to help you achieve your goal.

Are you ready to enhance the appearance of your smile? Contact our office today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Kurtis or Dr. Joanne.