Tooth Extractions

One of our goals here at Davis Family Dentistry is to help you achieve and maintain optimum oral health. Sometimes, in order to protect your oral health, you might need to have a tooth extracted.

While this isn’t the best news to hear, we can assure you that our doctors are experienced, highly skilled, and focused on your comfort, so your extraction will go smoothly.

Here are some of the situations that might necessitate the removal of a tooth.

Wisdom Teeth

Third molars, or wisdom teeth, are your final molars to arrive behind your second molars sometime between the ages of 18 and 25. It’s very common for these teeth to be removed for a number of reasons, such as:

  • There’s not enough space in your mouth for them, which can cause shifting and crowding of your other teeth.
  • They may not erupt, or come in all the way, which means they’re impacted, or stuck below your gum line. This situation can lead to an infection.
  • They may be hard to reach for proper brushing and flossing, which increases your risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

Our doctors will typically recommend that wisdom teeth be removed, and we’re well-equipped to guide you through oral surgery here at our office.

A Dental Infection

If your tooth is suffering from a painful dental infection that a root canal can’t resolve, it will need to be extracted in order to protect your oral health. A dental infection that is left untreated has the potential to spread to other critical areas of your body.

Orthodontic Treatment

For patients who have teeth that overlap or are crowded, we may recommend that some teeth be extracted for orthodontic treatment. Removing some teeth can help with easier and more efficient alignment.

Will My Extraction Hurt?

We will use dental anesthetics to ensure that you’re numb and you don’t feel anything except slight pressure during your extraction. We also offer nitrous oxide for patients who are feeling anxious or fearful about their treatment.

Nitrous is breathable gas that enters your system quickly and immediately takes the edge off so you can feel at ease during your procedure. It’s administered through a mask, and it leaves your system as soon as the mask is removed so it’s safe for you to drive yourself home from your appointment and resume normal activities.

At Davis Family Dentistry, we’re committed to your comfort, and most of our patients are surprised at how comfortable and smooth their extraction procedure actually was.

If you need a tooth removed, give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you.