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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canal Therapy

Some patients may experience tooth pain initially and then it goes away on its own or with the help of antibiotics. Just because it has stopped hurting doesn’t mean it is no longer infected. Root canal treatment is designed to disinfect the inside of the tooth (the source of infection) and stop the spread of infection.

Some patients may never experience pain with an infected tooth. In fact, root canal infection is often discovered through routine radiographs and/or clinical examination. The tooth may have a chronic infection that the body has accommodated enough to not have gone beyond the patient’s pain threshold.

Prior to performing any root canal, Dr. Davis will thoroughly examine all radiographic and clinical findings to determine if a root canal is indicated.

Today, getting root canal treatment is often no more uncomfortable than having a filling. In fact, root canal treatment doesn't cause pain but actually relieves it. Advances have made the treatment a virtually pain-free experience, many times accomplished in a single visit. Dr. Davis understands a great deal about pain management. With modern techniques and anesthetics, the vast majority of patients report that they are comfortable during the procedure. 

A severe toothache or dental sensitivity to changes in temperature are often an indication that a patient needs root canal therapy. This treatment is recommended when decay or damage reaches the inner portion of the tooth, the pulp, where the nerve structure is housed. When dental damage reaches the nerve, it can cause severe pain. Root canals remove the damaged structure, pulp, and nerve. This tissue is then replaced with a filling material, and the tooth is resealed. This prevents the potential need for extraction, replaces lost tooth structure, and protects the tooth from any additional damage or decay.

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