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Patient Testimonials

Our dedicated team hopes to provide you with an exceptional experience every time you visit our office! If you'd like to know what other patients' experiences have been like at Davis Family Dentistry, check out our testimonials!

Dynamic Duo of Dentistry

Dynamic Duo of Dentistry

“Doctors Kurtis and Joanne are truly the Dynamic Duo of Dentistry without flashy super-hero capes, but with sharp intelligence, the ability to navigate current technology, and a system to deliver amazing care.”- Donna Malone

Both Professional and Friendly

Both Professional and Friendly

“Extremely professional and warm and fuzzy all at the same time. We love coming to your office.” - George and Letitia Minukas

Successful and painless root canal

Successful and painless root canal

“So often there is a stigma about dental procedures. I recently had a root canal. All of my family and friends warned me of the 'horror' of such a procedure. I am happy to report that their fears were in vain. My root canal was successful and without painful complications. Thanks Dr.Joanne!!” - Pam Chester, Trey and Gracie

Kind and Personable Care

Kind and Personable Care

“Dr. Davis and staff are always kind and personable.They helped this nervous patient feel comfortable in the dentist's chair!” - Shari Allen

Friendly, Courteous and Professional Staff

Friendly, Courteous and Professional Staff

“Who would have thought going to the dentist could be a pleasure! The doctors and staff at this office are friendly, courteous, professional, and more than willing to answer questions and explain procedures. We can’t believe that we are raving about a dentist’s office, but this is how we feel.
You guys are the best!” - Carl and Beverley Cooke

By Far the Best!

“Of all the dentists I have had over the years, Drs. Kurtis and Joanne Davis are by far the absolute best. No pain, no problems, just outstanding service by the entire staff.” - Art and Mary Stiles

Personalized Care

“Very friendly and professional environment. The entire staff provides a personal touch.” - Mike and Rochelle Bova

Amazing Patient Care

“Dr. Kurtis and staff impressed me with their service, patient care and professional atmosphere. I will refer anyone seeking a dentist to Dr. Kurtis.” - Kermit Rolison

Completely Cared For at Davis Family Dentistry

“This office and staff is very friendly and makes me feel welcome. Services are of the highest quality. I feel completely well-cared-for which is totally reassuring. Plus Dr. Kurtis cracks me up!” - Karla Scarzafava

Friendly, personable, and patient team

“When I arrive for my appointment, I feel like Norm walking into Cheers! I am absolutely relaxed when I come into this office. I know that I will receive the best care because the staff treats me so well. They are friendly, personable, patient and professional. Dr. Kurtis always answers my questions and explains things thoroughly.” - Ponda Maine

Professional and Efficient

“Always very professional and efficient, also prompt on appointments.” - Rev. and Mrs. Ralph Easterwood

Such a Wonderful Experience

“Seeing Dr. Davis and staff is like seeing your old friends! I love going to the dentist because they make it such a wonderful experience. Thank you Dr. Kurtis and Dr. Joanne!” - Tom and Becky Miller

Our Family Loves Dr. Davis

“Dr. Kurtis Davis is the most compassionate dentist our family has ever known. He is also a perfectionist and won’t stop until his work is perfect. Our four-generation family loves Drs. Kurtis and Joanne Davis!” - Frank and Elaine Huffschmidt